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Backup Power

Backup Power

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Backup Power

BESS can supply backup power in case of an electricity grid failure

As extreme weather exacerbated by climate change continues to impact many countries electrical infrastructure, government officials, the industry and homeowners have become increasingly mindful of the importance of grid resilience and reducing power outages.

Power outages can include short-term or long-term loss of electric power to a specific area. Outages can affect homes, businesses or entire cities. There are a few types of power outages that your business may experience:

  • Brownout: The voltage drops and causes dim lights. Brownouts can cause electrical equipment to malfunction and loss of production.
  • Blackout: Complete loss of power in an area for a few minutes or an indefinite amount of time.
  • Permanent Fault: Large loss of power due to a fault on a power line.

No matter what type of commercial power outage your business may experience, you should be prepared for anything.

Downtime as a result of power outages can cost your business a significant amount of money. Power outages can impact your bottom line and affect ongoing business operations. Monetary losses due to downtime can vary based on the industry, length of the outage, time of day, and the number of people.

ProWatts Energy experts can help you understand the monetary loss your business could face because of a power outage and that is an important first step in preparing your business to face the challenges that come from outages.

There are many studies regarding the cost of downtime to organization. ProWatts Energy research shows that 98 percent of organizations say one hour of downtime costs over $100,000.

Due to being always connected to the electrical distribution system and rapid start, BESS can prevent Brownouts. A BESS can supply backup power in case of an electricity grid failure until complete power restoration. Larger storage capacity and integration with renewable energy sources enable BESSs to back up energy for longer periods.

ProWatts Energy will optimize BESS operation based on your needs and priorities and provide detailed statistical reports and recommendations for plant power optimisation.

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