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Commercial & Institutional

Commercial and institutional power consumers have significant energy costs and mostly fluctuating power requirements. For larger commercial or institutional operations, the grid purchasing costs consists of energy and demand charges, causing it to be a large part of their bill for a short amount of time. Energy costs continue to be volatile and recent extreme weather conditions attributed to global warming, result in higher prices and even power failures during peak periods. An electrical system integrated with renewable sources would help alleviate the demand charge problems these big facilities require. However, these resources are “intermittent” resources, meaning that their power production depends on the wind blowing or the sun shining. For example, institutions have peak consumption during the day and with intermittent sources, BESS can store energy in the evening with off-peak charges, to release energy during the highest consumption periods. 

For costumers with sensitive equipment (e.g. semiconductor manufacturers), critical infrastructure like hospitals, university research centres, and public safety facilities, momentary outage can cause significant disruption to their operations. Poor power quality can have serious impacts: flickering lights, overheating of motors for pumps and compressors, and system failures which potentially result in considerable losses, damages, high energy bills, and penalties.

A battery system can allow a facility to continue operations not only during power outages, but brownouts caused by voltage drops and blackouts. Battery energy storage can provide a cleaner, quieter alternative to conventional gas or diesel generators, or can compliment them with instantaneous response to grid failures.

ProWatts Energy’s engineered battery storage can provide energy during peak usage times to lower your overall energy consumption and substantially reduce your demand charges, to give you cost saving on your energy bills. In most cases, ROI can be as low as 3 years. Battery energy storage solutions enable smoothing of the demand curve and integration of renewables by storing energy from renewable resources whenever they are available, and dispatching the stored energy during peak hours. Battery energy storage solutions give you the protection your business needs and provides a clean and stable energy supply, reducing your business’ carbon footprint as well.

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