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Improving Power Quality

Improving Power Quality

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Improving Power Quality

Improves power quality to enable energy efficiency.

Good power quality it means reliability and availability of the supply network. It reduces transmission losses, enables energy efficiency and creates lower carbon emissions.

Poor power quality can have serious impact: flickering lights, equipment breakdown at an industrial plant, system failures, potentially resulting in considerable losses, damages, high energy bills and penalties.

The origins of poor power quality are numerous and diverse, from lightning strikes and reactive power to network surges and harmonics caused by the equipment used to make installations more energy efficient. The most common causes can be broken down into four distinct areas: harmonic pollution, low power factor, load imbalances and voltage variations.

BESS can absorb or generate active and reactive powers to control at PCC. Real and reactive injection into the system can effect the system voltage profile and power quality in the proximity of injection point. BESS with voltage control capability in a customer power can reduce the voltage dip caused by the sudden load demand, load change, motor start, and hence improve power quality of supply. Voltage and current waveforms of the distribution network are distorted due to loads such as ASD’s, arc furnaces, electronic converters, and rectifiers. BESS may reduce the harmonics in network. BESS is the best choice if the key objective is to reduce harmonics. BESS can generate clean power, which is almost free of low order harmonics.

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