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Safe and Sustainable Battery Energy Storage Solutions for Mid-to-Large Industrial Clients


How BESS Works

Our range of batteries are designed and manufactured to provide unique and reliable energy solutions.

Managed service for grid connection or supply upgrade

Integration into your existing energy state

Solar PV on-site generation initgrated with Battery Storage

On the road call centre support for drivers

Driver EV charge management and EMSP software and apps

Flexible financing options for new on-site energy assets

EV charge point procurement, installation, operation and maintenance

Energy Management System


How Each Market Can Benefit From Our Solutions

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Industrial & Mining

By investing in and operating the energy storage solution at your Industrial & Mining facility, ProWatts Energy requires no capital investment from your business, and minimal effort or disruption to your operations.

ProWatts Energy is a behind-the-meter energy storage developer in Ontario, working with mid-to large industrial & mining energy consumers. We aim to understand your energy needs by evaluating Global Adjustment (Class A or B), specifically in Ontario, and layout of your facilities to identify potential savings opportunities. A strategy is developed to secure project financing, credit approval, and pre-development permitting, resulting in energy cost savings using an emissions-free technology that does not impact your carbon footprint.

Commercial & Institutional

For defined technical and operational system characteristics, ProWatts Energy draws on its depth of expertise in energy storage technologies and High Voltage infrastructure development.

Energy storage solutions can provide a number of system services including regulation service, operating reserve, substation deferral, peaking capacity, renewable integration, ramping, and UPS. We develop, finance, and operate a turnkey energy storage project in a timely and cost-effective manner in order to minimize up-front technology, capital, and performance risks.

Oil & Gas

Our demand response module is an advanced energy storage solution that can operate independently from the power grid, integrating with existing oil, and gas drilling sites to provide the optimal economic value.

Onshore & Offshore oil & gas drilling rigs are frequently located in remote locations, making the power grid less accessible. We developed an innovative and clean energy storage system with a focus of reducing power consumption and interruption in the harshest of environments. It also functions as a back-up power generator, making it a reliable and efficient supply of power.


Vital in increasing renewable energy generation, battery storage can solve problems such as frequency response, capacity reserve, and ramp rate control.

By storing excess generated energy, utility scale battery storage systems are more reliable and utilize less electricity in the long haul. The lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) technology for grid applications is designed to integrate distribution networks for flexibility and optimal use of renewable energy sources.

Remote Communities

Pro Watts Energy uses a Partnership-First approach to build meaningful, long-term partnerships with remote and Indigenous communities, economic development organizations, and businesses.

We design, build, finance, own, and train to operate AI based microgrid energy systems serving diesel dependent communities and mine sites. Our tailored solutions aim to align with your community’s specific energy objectives to significantly reduce dependency on fossil fuels and associated GHG emissions towards stable and sustainable energy for long term economic development.


Case Studies

Learn more about our exciting case studies from across the globe.


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Improving Power Quality

Improves power quality to enable energy efficiency.

Backup Power

BESS can supply backup power in case of an electricity grid failure

Peak Shaving

ProWatts Energy aims to find the optimal peak shave level to save energy and reduce costs

Energy Arbitrage

Potential to improve electric power grid performance, stability, and resilience


ProWatts Energy can be a valuable partner to add stability to your Microgrid

Remote Communities

Let ProWatts Energy work with you for a greener future


Cutting-edge battery solutions for a smart energy future

Oil and Gas Industry

Ideal to support a wide range of services for reliable operation

Commercial & Institutional


Providing reliable power solutions to meet your unique electricity needs

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