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Energy Storage Solutions


Why Work with ProWatts Energy

Over 16 Years Industry Knowledge

We believe Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are the future and we are deeply committed to developing them. Our BESS projects empower industrial and commercial customers to take control of their energy costs, as well as operational performance to gain a competitive advantage.

We have over 16 years comprehensive industry knowledge in High Voltage Power System Engineering and Renewable Energy across the world, so we understand the issues that are most important to our customers.

We help commercial and industrial clients solve pain points in their power consuming:

  • High Utility Bills
  • Capacity Shortage from
    Existing Grid Infrastructure
  • Power Reliability

  • Sustainability Goals


Take control of Global Adjustment (GA) with a BESS

Storing energy in a BESS for use during peak GA hours produces significant savings. Our advanced solutions also mitigate risks associated with inconsistent utility services, energy quality issues and fluctuations, while providing a reliable source of backup power to our customers when they need it.

The ability of energy storage to rapidly discharge energy back to the grid allows for a more stable and efficient energy system, especially where peak demand requirements are more unpredictable. Energy storage also has the ability to provide more consistent and reliable energy delivery to those that reside farther from the electrical grid.

How much money you can your company save?



Collect and store low-cost, off-peak energy.



Use stored energy during high-cost, peak energy periods.



Get consistent, reliable power and save money.


Benefits of Energy Storage

Key Benefits


The BESS We Deploy

We work with the best manufacturers of battery and supplier of Battery Energy Storage. All other systems are sourced based on the project requirements to meet the highest standards.

Suitable For Hot And Cold Climates

It is important that the most suitable Energy Storage System installed in any clod or hot climates is designs to withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions so it ca be relied on at all times. Extreme whether can be detrimental to the complex electronics within BESS and extreme temperatures can impact the lifetime of the batteries.

ProWatts Energy is constantly innovating and working together with it’s suppliers to expand the durability of the energy systems supplied.  

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